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We offer state of the art, all-in-one solution for PrePaid Electricity and Water Sub-Meters, Vending 24/7 and AMI Metering Solutions. One of the most cost-effective and easy-to-use prepaid electricity & water sub-meters solution on the market today.

Ideal for Body Corporates, Property Investors, Landlords and Letting Agents. Suitable for installation in Granny Flats, Individual Rented Units, Shops, Stores and Sporting Facilities.

Our meters vending system supports both STS and AMI/AMR technologies, while designed primarily to service the sub-meter market.

To get started browse our Electricity Sub-Meters or Water Sub-Meters now, or call us for help to choose the best suited meters for your circumstances.

The locations shown below represent suburbs where Prepaid Meters has meters installed. UniPIN Vending services are available in all areas listed.
Enbaya Prepaid Meters has the largest vending channel in South Africa...
This will be my last report as the National Director as I will semi-retiring early next year when I reach that big 65...
Sub-Meters Key Features & Vending Functionality
  • Electricity & Water PrePaid Sub- Meters
    All types of meters STS & AMI for all types of properties: residential, commercial and industrial.
  • Meters Credit Purchase
    24 hour credit purchase via, retail stores such as Spar, BP Express, Shell Select, SASOL Delight, Egen. Online payment, credit card, banks, ATM, EFT and cell phone banking.
  • Triple Tamper Detection
    Meter, software tamper detection, uniquely coded security seals.
  • Additional Payment Collections
    Electricity, water, arrears and levies.
  • 2 Prepayment Metering Management Modes
    Self-managed and Outsource Managed.
  • Prepayment Management and Meter User Access
    Anywhere anytime 24/7/365 access via SMS, WAP and WEB.
  • Management and User Support 7 Days a Week
    Support provided for prepaid meters managers and prepaid meter users.
  • Prepayment Meters Turnkey Solution
    Management of prepaid electricity, prepaid water and gas all in one place.
  • FREE Seamless Software Updates
    Dynamic updates for all users.
  • Prepayment Automatic Top-up Functionality
    For rentals with electrical amounts included and electricity critical environments.
  • Landlord and Managers Functionality
    Credit control and reporting with 24/7/365 web interface.
PrePaid Sub-Metering Benefits
  • Improved Cashflow – No more arrears to collect and the tenant can control their budget to use as much as they can afford.
  • No Credit and Arrears Collection Costs – No more credit and collection costs, hassles and related issues.
  • No Deposits - No more deposits for electricity from your tenants. All you collect is the first pre-payment for electricity or water.
  • No Monthly Bills – No more monthly usage bills for electricity or water.
  • No Reconnect Charges – No more disconnection or reconnection charges for electricity or water.
  • Tenants Love Them – Tenants can easily monitor their electricity and water use and spend as much as they can afford. This creates a greater awareness and control of costs. It also totally avoids any bill complaints on usage.
  • Energy and Water Conservation – With prepaid meters both electricity and water conservation becomes easy. Consumption that is monitored can be controlled.
Who Uses PrePaid Sub-Meters?
  • Landlords that want to make sure there are no electricity or water arrears.
  • Body Corporates that want to pay as they use as opposed to per quota inaccurate billing.
  • Shops and commercial property owners that want and need to prepay the tenants.
  • Landlords that have multiple dwellings or rooms and need to bill accurately per usage.
  • Companies that provide staff accommodation and need to monitor and/or bill staff for usage.
  • Vacation property landlords like Bed & Breakfasts that want to make sure each users pays according for electrical consumption.
  • Sporting Facilities with tennis and squash courts that monitor the usage per hour by the hour use PrePaid Meters to switch on and off the courts according to time paid for.
  • Managing agents and letting agents that want an easy way to appropriate correctly electricity and get rid of difficult billing and arguments about consumption.
  • Agencies and charitable organizations that help clients in need to permit them the use of specific utilities.
  • And this is just the beginning, as PrePaid Meters are becoming more popular each year with customers finding more great uses for them.