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Before beginning you must be clear on whether your prepaid meter is self-managed or outsourced-managed because this affects how your tokens are loaded. If you are self-managed your tokens are issued directly by the meter owner (usually the landlord). Please contact your landlord to get your tokens. Manuals are available to landlords with self-managed prepaid meters and can be obtained by contacting our helpdesk.

If you are outsourced-managed, you purchase tokens through one of the payment channels described on this page.

Not sure if your meter is self-managed or outsourced-managed? Verify using the form below.

Step 1: Read through the various channel options for recharging. Some are cheaper than others while others are more convenient. For example, we do not recommend cash deposits as the channel fees are much higher which means less of the value goes to actual units. Read more about how fees work.

Cash deposits

We do not recommend cash deposits because the channel fee is 12.85%, then the bank will add on a further R30.00 cash handling fee, which means less of your value goes to actual units. Example: Deposit R100.00, less 12.85%, less R30.00 = R57.15 vend

If you would still like to continue with this channel, please follow the steps below.

1. At the bank teller complete the cash deposit form. Use your meter number as the reference number. Add the relevant bank details listed below.


Deposits must be greater than R101.00 for your deposit to automatically reflect on your wallet same day.

Deposits equal to R100.00 or less will only reflect on the next business day.

Your meter number is used to automatically associate your payment to your meter account. When making payment please your meter number as payment reference. If the reference is incorrect or omitted you will not be able to vend because we will be unable to automatically associate your payment to your meter account. Please contact our Technical Support Help Desk to assist in providing a new token.

Please note: if an incorrect reference was input, and it happens to match a meter on our system other than the one intended, there can be no reversal or refund of the transaction.

2. Prepaid funds will be allocated into your prepaid system wallet according to the below transaction times

  • Direct EFT Bank–to–Bank = 5 to 40 minute wait
  • EFT Bank-to-Other-Bank = 48hours 

3. Once the funds are allocated, you will get an sms automatically to your given number if you have auto-vend enabled. If autovend is not enabled then you will need to create an SMS to 31696 using the steps below:

  • Enter the instructions according to the SMS SYNTAX { Pin*MeterNumber*Amount ( Pin = Last four digits of your Meter Number) }
  • Wait for an SMS response

4. Now that you have your token, use your meter keypad and input the token number to recharge. 



Autotility is short for Automatic Utility and is a unique feature available to Enbaya customers using our cloud-based Aurora SaaS platform. Autotility lets you set up recurring payments to have your recharge vouchers sent to you directly on the same day, every month. Saving you both time and money and giving you the freedom to kick back and relax knowing you won’t be left in the dark. Now that is SMART, RESPONSIBLE Utility sub-metering.

Auto-tility is available free of charge to all Enbaya Prepaid Meter customers.

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