Enbaya PrePaid Meters


registration form

In sub-metering accounts THREE things are very important: 

  1. [Ower] Who owns the meter – to ensure the landlord gets paid correctly for all the meter purchases.
  2. [Location] Where is the meter located – for technical support, monitoring, and managing the meter on that location as well as the correct tariff for the location.
  3. [Meter] The meter number – for the management of the user such as adding changing replacing users as well as monitoring bypasses loading arrears, specific utility fixed charges and similar activities all these are connected to a meter number.

This is the Holy Trinity of Metering. Without any of those 3 pieces of information recorded correctly anything can go wrong. Funny enough for this specific reason our original system registration file was called “Trinity” (we know its so 1999, but we love the Matrix)

The fully completed and signed registration form

At Enbaya there are no lengthy vending contracts for a base vending service. You can opt out, or stay with us as you wish. However, there is a service level agreement between you, our customer, and Enbaya. The Registration Form together with our T&Cs form part of this service level agreement. It is our way of making sure that owner and meter details are correct, and defines authorities required like vending method and payment instructions.