Enbaya PrePaid Meters


Acts and Law

This act establishes a National Energy Regulator for the regulation of the electricity, piped-gas and petroleum pipelines industries. The regulator’s mandate is to regulate the energy industry in accordance with government laws and policies, standards and international best practices in support of sustainable and orderly development.

This Act is currently under review and will ultimately be replaced by the Property Practitioners Bill. This Act serves to provide for the establishment of an Estate Agency Affairs Board whose primary focus is the control of certain activities of estate agents in the public interest as well as regulating the industry and maintaining the standards of education and training.

This Act creates the mechanisms to promote the provision of rental housing property that is fair and equitable to both landlords and tenants. The Act ensures the proper functioning of the rental housing market as well as making provision for dispute resolutions by way of the Rental Housing Tribunal.

This Act promotes a fair and non-discriminatory marketplace for access to consumer credit and for that purpose to provide for the general regulation of consumer credit and improved standards of consumer information.

This Act provides for the core principles, mechanisms and processes that are necessary to enable municipalities to move towards the social and economic upliftment of local communities, and ensure universal access to essential services that are affordable to all.

This Act should be read in conjunction with the Sectional Title Management Act. For the first time residents of community schemes now have a dispute resolution mechanism they can rely on before embarking on the time consuming and costly route of civil litigation.

This Act serves to promote a fair, accessible and sustainable market place for consumer products and services. It places responsibility and accountability at the feet of the supplier as well as promoting responsible behaviour on the part of the consumer. Through this legislation the consumer can rely on national norms and standards for protection.