Enbaya PrePaid Meters



In order to purchase tokens there are a few different channels that an end user has access to.

Before we look at the different ways to purchase tokens there are some important points to remember:

  1. The correct meter number must be used in each transaction. This is critical because if you vend on the incorrect meter number, not only will your token be invalid on your meter, but you will also not be able to get your money back.
  2. Each channel will have an applicable service fee that is charged before calculating your token value and these will vary from channel to channel (see also: link article Different Tariff Types)
  3. Each service provider in the prepaid sub metering industry will have their set channels you can use and this can vary from vendor to vendor so it is always recommended that you check with your service provider what is applicable to them, even more so, if your Landlord or agent has changed service providers.
  4. A token is a 20-digit number that contains all the relevant information like meter number, date and number of units purchased, that your meter needs in order to recharge.

Here at Enbaya we have 3 main channels that an end user can use to purchase their token:

Enbaya has dedicated accounts with 3 banks, namely Absa, Standard Bank and FNB. By loading Enbaya as a beneficiary you can make an EFT payment directly into the account. Once cleared, your payment is recorded on the vending management system and depending on the setting on your meter account, a token is automatically sent to you by SMS or alternatively, if not set up for “Autovend” you can request a token, via SMS, from the system via the wallet function. If you bank with any of these banks your payment is processed relatively quickly, if however, you bank with any of the other financial institutions your payment could take up to 72 hours to process. So, it is advisable when using the EFT channel to plan a few days in advance.

Together with the EFT channel, Enbaya has introduced an exciting new function called Autotility . Effectively this is the means to automate your vending purchases. Once you are set up with this option by adding a recurring EFT payment to your bank account with the corresponding setting on the vending management system, no longer will you have to remember to vend for tokens. You set the date you would like a monthly payment processed and for what amount, once payment is received the system will automatically send you your token by SMS or email. Autotility is the cheapest option to use in terms of channel fees.

Note: You will notice in your banking app an option to purchase prepaid electricity. This option is only available for Municipal and Eskom prepaid meters and cannot be used for privately owned sub meters. If you attempt to use this option, you will get an invalid meter number response.

Enbaya is a registered service provider with Blue label Telecoms (UniPin®). By visiting any UniPin® vendor like Spar, Sasol or even Dischem, you can purchase a prepaid voucher that you can redeem by using the *120* dialing instruction. Once you have redeemed your voucher you will receive your token by way of SMS. There are hundreds of UniPin® vendors all around the country. Checkers and Pick n Pay, have a direct link to Blue Label. When you are at the counter give them your meter number and payment and you will receive your token slip straight away.

The third channel is the credit card channel. Enbaya is registered with virtual card services so that you can use your credit card to purchase a token. The credit card channel is embedded in the vending management system Aurora. Once you have a registered profile on Aurora (call our Technical Support line to set this up) you can login any time day or night and use your credit card to purchase a token. Once your transaction is processed you will be able to view your token on the system.

Enbaya believes that vending on your prepaid meter shouldn’t be a burden, so every effort has been made to make it as convenient as possible. If you are having any difficulties in purchasing a token or need more information on the pricing or vending options please contact our helpdesk for further assistance.