Enbaya PrePaid Meters


Maintenance Plan FAQ

Yes. It does not matter when you purchased them; the only condition is that you can prove that you have purchased your meters  from us. In other words, this was not a programmatic key change (KCT) from another vendor. If you purchased from  someone else please contact our sales team and they will assist you if possible and give you the right recommendation under your specific given circumstances.

The Maintenance Plan is available in various provinces and regions. Please contact our offices to get the most updated list of areas. We will only extend services in locations where we can guarantee  quality assurance to the extent that we are satisfied that we can comply with the standards of service we have set  ourselves. If you are not sure if the Maintenance Plan is available in your area, please call our offices and enquire for your area.

If the meter is under the Maintenance plan we will fix the meter or replace it. The only condition is that you purchased the meter that you want to be fixed from us.

If the installer finds that the meter is damaged by meter user there will be a charge for new installation and a new meter which will be loaded onto the user meter control account so that the meter user pays for the damages before they vend their next utility token.

This is also why it is so important that you make sure you log in to our Aurora Utility Management System system and ensure that your meters have consistent purchases.

Yes, we strongly recommend you do so. The Maintenance plan is not about warranty or extended warranty, it is about all the costs around the warranty. A close analogy would be choosing to have a courtesy car as part of your service from your insurance if your car is not available until it is fixed. One thing is to have insurance, and another altogether to cover the costs until something is fixed under a policy. Though this is not exactly the same, it surely illustrates the point.

If your meter is under warranty, the meter will be replaced or repaired for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. The swap of a meter under warranty does not cover the removal of the current meter, the installation of a new meter and the time lapse until such time as the meter is replaced. All this add to funds lost in utilities and call out fees. This can be easily resolved with the Maintenance Plan.

From years of experience, we also found that meter owners pay unnecessarily for callouts because meter users cannot explain the problem at hand only for the technician to find that there really isn’t a problem. The Maintenance plan covers callouts and reduces your cost.


As the installer comes to the property, they will remove, repair, replace, activate and credit new meter all at the same time. There will be no lapse in time from arrival of the installer to resolving the problem.

In simple words, once you have the Maintenance Plan you don’t need to worry about callout costs, meter replacements and installations ever again.

In most circumstances, the answer will be Yes. However, a maintenance plan for meters that have been KCTed from another supplier will be evaluated and the plan may contain certain conditions if necessary.

To get full details on how to subscribe to the Maintenance plan with KCTed meters, contact our sales department, they will evaluate your requirements and give you best solution according to your circumstances at hand.

No. This is not an extended warranty.

A warranty enables you to get a new item or the item repaired if you bring it to the store you purchased from, while the extended warranty is extending the time in which the item can be replaced or fixed.

In the case of prepaid meters, you will need a technician to come out to the property remove a meter and install a new one. This is not warranty, it is a service plan whereby you can secure yourself the services of a technician to make sure your meters are replaced or fixed if necessary.

If you don’t have a Maintenance plan, you will have to pay a call out fee for a technician to go to your premises and fix any problems.

All meter types that have been purchased from us and some other type of meters that we do not sell. Our Maintenance plan is very extensive. However if you have not purchased the meters from us and you (key changed) KCTed your meters to our system, or want to move service provider and key change your meters to our system give our sales department a quick call and they will assist you with any questions you may have and give you the right plan to move forward.