Enbaya PrePaid Meters


Vending Management FAQ

Outsourced-management of prepaid meters is the first choice for landlords and property managers who do not want to be hands-on in the revenue collection management process. With outsourced-managed method all user support is provided by www.PrepaidMeters.co.za.

Tenants and meter users pay funds for utilities via retail outlets integrated to prepayment system, such as: ABSA, ATM, EFT, credit card online, cell phone banking, selected Engen, Zenex, Caltex, Sasol Delight, BP Express, Shell Select, SPAR, Total, Caltex, Kwikspar, Seven Eleven shops and many other stores vending UniPin Vouchers.

Our integration to the payment channels will allocate payments made at any of the outlets automatically. The payments are then in turn reconciled and allocated to the landlord or property manager primary account and then paid out after deduction of the outsource fee. The payouts are processed on the last working day of every month. The body corporate, managing agent or landlord pays the primary supply with the funds collected from the prepaid system.

In the outsourced method the landlord or property manager has UNLIMITED access to the Prepaid Meter Utility Management System. The only functionality restricted is ‘Adding Credit’ to ensure accuracy, transparency and avoid any duplication. Using the Internet or WAP, the landlord has any-time-anywhere access and can generate any number of reports and management tasks 24/7/365.

Outsourced-managed two step process:

  • User purchases from outlets.
  • User Generates Token for the required utility.

Payments to landlords of collected amounts are completed no later than the last working day of every month. The payment will consist of all deposits done by the meter user (tenant) from the 26th of the previous month to the 25th of the current month. Between the 26th and last day of the month we reconcile accounts and pay over the amounts received, discounting the management fee.

If your user is purchasing their tokens via the retail channels, these points of sale will provide your user with their voucher. If your user is using the banking channels, once the funds have cleared they can get their token via SMS. Alternatively, if you are on the self-managed method of vending you can SMS, email or print token numbers for your users.

This will depend on the management method you select on registration. For the outsource-managed method, users can either purchase tokens through the various retail channels and outlets such as, Engen, BP, Spar, Checkers, Pick ’n Pay, Dischem, Shell, etc. In addition, users can generate tokens via EFT, cellphone banking, debit card or credit card, through our online vending system. On the self-managed method, the user would pay the property owner or representative who would then in turn generate these tokens themselves either via SMS, USSD or our online management system.

No, this is not possible. All meters must be registered on a vending platform in order to function. It is like having a cellphone without a sim card. We do offer our self-managed option whereby the landlord takes responsibility for the vending of tokens and collection of the money.