Enbaya PrePaid Meters


Site Inspections FAQ

Audits are generally performed when we first take over a site or when a customer suspects that the integrity of the metering solution has been compromised. The objective of an audit is therefore to identify any situation where the customer may be losing on revenues due to bridging/by-passing of meters, incorrect tariffs, etc. The outcome is a report of the findings and action plan for rectification of any problems.

This may include actions such as rectification of electrical wiring, fining offenders and adjustment of tariffs.

Site inspection and audit services are needed when a Customer is either unsure as to what reticulation is available on site or when there is a suspicion that the integrity of the metering system has been compromised.

Site inspections are generally required when a customer does not understand how the utility system on a site works and needs consultation. In such cases the objective of the site inspection is to identify incoming supplies, distribution and metering points. During this process recording the ratings of the various points so that we can consult the customer on the best solution for the site in question.