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Arrears & Accounts

Arrears Collection FAQ

No. All we need is an email from the Customer registered email address requesting the the arrears is cleared.

Yes. In accordance with the National Credit Act [No. 34 of 2005] a consumer must be able to settle any amount in full resulting from a loan or a debit.

Yes. We charge a service fee for collection of arrears amounts. The arrears amount and the service fee must be disclosed to the tenant before enabling the service.

Yes. A customer can define a payment plan in agreement with a consumer in order to collect in outstanding payments. A payment plan can be any percentage of future payments. This will result in the agreed percentage being deducted from the top-up amount before a utility credit token is generated.

In order to legally collect arrears through the meter account, customers must do with the consent of the consumer.


Metering accounts generate many transactions, far too many to include in a PDF statement. If we included meter transactions in the statement PDF’s they would be too large in size for sending by email. Transactions can however be downloaded in Comma separated format (CSV) for up to 480 days.

Yes. A monthly statement is sent to customers following the invoicing and payments are completed.

Customers whose meters are using the Outsource Managed revenue collection method are paid out on the last working day of the month.

Customers whose meters are using the Self Managed revenue collection method do not receive payouts because the Customer has been paid directly by the Consumer.

The date range for a month is considered to be from 00H00 on the 26th of the month to the 26th 00H00 of the following month.

All services and payouts at our month end are calculated according to this period.

We can only send statements going three months back. Any archived statements before that would be at a cost of R30 per statement. We do sometimes experience delivery problems as the statements are sent out in bulk through our Google Drive. As a result, the receiving mailbox will pick it up as spam, and automatically sends the mail to trash or junk mail, or your security settings are set to decline bulk deliveries. It is recommended that you add our email addresses to your whitelist to ensure that you receive our statements and important emails. As an alternative, statements can be pulled from Aurora our utility online management system at PrepaidMeters.net by the registered landlord or representative.