Enbaya PrePaid Meters


Installation Service FAQ

Yes. All our installations are guaranteed by our company. All our installations are also passed through quality assurance and documentation is saved against customer account for any future technical reference.

As long as your meters are vending our system and no external work has been done to our installations by a third party; we guarantee our workmanship and will assist you with any issues in the future.

Installation Teams

Our installation teams install as well as maintain prepaid meters 365 days a year. Some of our installers have hundreds of meter installations behind them while other thousands of meters installed in the years we have been in business.

They are not only trained and knowledgeable, but they have encountered all troubleshooting possible due to the extensive daily work in the field. This makes them uniquely qualified experts in their job and able to install as well as troubleshoot quickly any issues on site.

Our installers also keep updated with latest metering updates, test as well as troubleshoot in lab environment faulty meters. This gives them extra knowledge of meters in the field.

Quality Assurance

Our installers follow qualify assurance processes and procedures to ensure that our customers get a satisfactory experience.

The quality assurance documentation is filed against customer accounts to ensure that in future all installations, as well as troubleshooting, is recorded for any future needs.

This means that if in the future any assistance is needed we have the data of the site to help as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We Guarantee Our Installations

If you purchased and installed meters with us, your installation is documented and guaranteed. If you have any future issues with the installation we will guarantee our work and assist with any issues at no cost to you. 

Our installation workmanship is guaranteed for the entire period that your meters are on our system or you could say; we have no time limits or small print in our installation guarantee.

If you want to ensure that your meters are in working condition at all times and have peace of mind for any faults please also read about our Maintenance Plan, then you are fully 100% covered beyond installation and the lifespan of the meters.

We install all the meters that are featured on our website. That includes electricity meters, water meters, and gas meters.

We have teams of installers nationwide in many locations. Contact us to find out if we have installers in your location and ask for an installation quote.