Enbaya PrePaid Meters


How to vend to prepaid sub-meters

Outsourced-management of Prepaid Meters is a possibility for landlords who do not want to be hands on in the revenue collection management process. This is typically the case with property investors, developers, real estate agents, body corporates and organisations providing staff accommodation.

The cost of running on outsource-managed method is charged at the channel percentage pricing with a minimum of R17 per meter per month. For updated prices please make sure you always contact our offices. In the outsourced-method the landlord has access to the Prepaid Meter Utility Management System for reporting purposes only. The landlord does not have the ability to “Add New Credit” to a meter. Using the Internet, the landlord has any time anywhere access and can generate any number of reports (24/7/365).

The process of re-charging outsource-managed meter is a simple two-step-process:

 1. User credits meter by purchasing vouchers from a retail outlet, bank or credit card transaction online.

2. User generates token (for the required utility).

 All outsourced meters are accompanied with PoketMedia manual for purchasing electricity or water prepaid vouchers. This is a small manual that fits in a wallet or pocket, designed to provide all the instructions necessary to purchase prepaid vouchers.