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AMI Smart Sub-meters vs STS Prepaid Meters

As opposed to Smart Meters (AMI), STS Meters are very common in both municipal and sub-metering applications. For the past 20 years, STS technology meters, from a variety of manufacturers have been installed worldwide. STS meters are easily recognised by the STS logo on the meter as well as the commonly used token transfer technology. In simple words; the meters which you have to input a 20 digit token to load the utility purchased. 

Though PrepaidMeters.co.za provides both STS and AMI Smart meters; all the meters found in our online shop are STS Prepayment meters both for electricity and water (to purchase AMI meters please contact our sales consultants). AMI Smart Meters are a newer technology whereby the meters communicate bi-directionally to a data concentrator and servers. This in simple words means that the input of the 20 digit token is not necessary, as the communication between the devices can pick up the purchase of a utility without having to tell the meter to load the utility. 

That said an AMI meter can work both, with or without tokens. AMI technology further enables post payment as well as prepayment, immediate tamper alerts, load management, ToU (Time of Use) tariffs and much more. This is a great advantage in comparison with STS which is an exclusive prepayment technology. The range of AMI Smart Sub-Meters is as extensive as STS meters. In the AMI Sub-meters range you will find, single-phase integrated keypad, single-phase split meters, single and three-phase PLC (Power Line Communication Meters), single-phase British footprint as well as din rail meters, three-phase integrated keypad and PLC (Power Line Communication) meters. At PrepaidMeters.co.za we provide both STS and AMI Smart meters. That said our AMI meter range does not feature on the shopping cart rage of meters. 

The reason for this is simple; due to the nature of this technology purchasing AMI meters for sub-metering application requires technical consultation. Our sales consultants provide consultation for our customers to choose the right meters and ensure that such technology can be applied to the customer’s requirements. Should you need AMI sub-meters, please contact our sales representatives and they will assist you with consultation and quotation as to your requirements. For STS Meters feel free to browse our online shop or call our sale department for further assistance.