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This document is published for customers to understand how to get the best service from our company, while helping us give you products and services that meet your satisfaction.
This document is not the Terms and Conditions of the website, if you wish to read the Terms and Conditions you may read them here: Terms and Condition of
While we value all customers equally and we always try to satisfy our customers’ requirements, sometimes dissatisfaction does happen. In the real world no matter how hard one tries to make everything perfect, things are bound sometimes to go wrong.
Below you will find how we address issues that you may find not satisfactory and direct you to resolution if you have issues related to our services.
Purchasing Prepaid Meters:
Please make sure you read our Terms and Conditions of purchase and make sure you are happy with them. If you have any questions, please make sure you ask before you purchase. These same terms will also be in your Order Confirmation Email when you have confirmed your purchase. If you have any issues purchasing please call our sales department or email SALES AT
All meters have to be paid in full before Registration and Delivery process commences.
Registering Prepaid Meters:
Once you have purchased one or more meters, our accounts department will require you to register the meters. Upon receiving your proof of payment or successful credit card transaction they will issue you with meter numbers so you can proceed with registration. Registration must be completed prior to delivery of meters for security reasons. This process is strictly adhered to, and your meter/s will only be delivered to you once the registration is complete.
The registration instructions will follow immediately after you have completed your purchase and paid for the meter/s. This email is automated. Should you not receive it for whatever reason, please check your junk mail, etc., otherwise just call our support or accounts department and they will help you register the meter/s and give you all the guidance you need.
We will complete your registration within 16 working hours from the time you submitted all the required documentation. The total time or days it takes to complete your registration is dependent on how quickly you send us your documentation.
Once your registration is complete, you will receive an email to this effect.
Registrations are done Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00 (no weekends or public holidays). Please make sure that your registration is completed at least 76 hours in advance of your planned installation.
Meters Delivery:
Depending on stock availability, you will receive your meters within 24 to 48 yours from registration completion. If you are on a plot this may take longer. You are welcome to change your delivery address to another one that is in the closest city or town (if your meters haven’t left already). If you have any issues with delivery, please call our accounts department or write to ACCOUNTS AT
Installation of Prepaid Meters:
If you purchased installation from us and paid for the installation, this will be coordinated with you only upon registration completion. The reason for this is very simple: if the meters are not yet registered to our system, they will not be able to have credit tokens vended for them and the meters will not work when they are installed. To avoid any dissatisfaction on the meter user, we only book installation upon registration completion and payment for the installation.
  • If you have any issues with the process of ordering or booking installation please call our sales department.
  • If you have any questions or issues after the meters have been installed please call our support department or write to SUPPORT AT
Prepaid Meters Vending (Electricity & Water):
Once the meter is installed you will have already received vending instructions. You have already received Owner/Manger Manual and Tenant Manual at time of registration. This is an automated process. If for whatever reason you have not received this email please email SUPPORT AT
If you chose the Outsource Managed method each meter will also have a PocketMedia instructional manual in each meter box. Please ensure that these reach the meter user.
Our vending services are dependent on Banks, Credit Card Merchant Services and Retail Outlets, we always do our utmost best to help with any vending issues instantly. However, in some cases, being dependant on the retail channel, this may take a few hour for resolution turn around. That said we have 92.8% uptime on vending channels. Therefore, if you do encounter problems, please just call our support lines immediately, they are opened from 08:00 to 22:00 Monday to Saturday. On Sunday and Public Holidays they are monitoring for any support voice messages left on the system and they will call you back to help if assistance is needed. It is always recommended that you do not leave your meter to run down to zero credit, it is good practice to make sure that you have a spare UniPIN voucher that you have not redeemed just in case of emergency. This is best practice with all meters, municipal and sub-meters.
How best to voice your dissatisfaction:
If you find something dissatisfactory, please make sure you write to us about it. You can complain to each department, they will escalate complaints if need be. You can also make use of our Comments, Compliments and Complaints form. Should you still have a problem that has not found resolution please write to MANAGER AT PREPAIDMETERS.CO.ZA, this email should be your last resort as it will reach executive management. Should you write to this email, please give at least 76 hours for reply, as executive management will perform an inquiry on the case before they come back to you with solutions and full responses to your concerns.
That said; please do respect our processes and the time it involves to get these completed. Our processes have evolved for almost 10 years from extensive experience. These processes are there to ensure that the service you receive once the meter is registered is to your satisfaction and all vending is running smoothly at all times.
If you wish to learn more about our company please visit: About Us Page.
Last words:
We will assist every single customer to the best of our ability at all times, however, that does not include overruling any company policy or processes. Processes and procedures have been put in place for the services we provide to work smoothly and ensure that all steps in meter purchasing, registration, delivery and vending are done correctly. Without following process, we will not be able to give you a good service in the future that you can be happy with.
More on Customer Service, Resolution of Complaints and the CPA:
We understand that many consumers these days from all spheres of life and related to all types of vendors and service providers believe that using HelloPeter to vent their concerns is a good way to move forward. However, please note that we do not support this website because it does not enable true possibility which is fair and equitable to consumer and supplier to solve reported problems. Customers and consumers register with “anonymous names” which often makes it impossible to help the person complaining. Their terms and conditions are not just and equitable to suppliers and services provides at any level, which makes this form of complaining often not very useful. There are far more effective means to solving problems.
If you have a complaint related to our company or services please voice this here: Comments, Compliments and Complaints or write to MANAGER AT PREPAIDMETERS.CO.ZA
Learn more about the CPA:
Learn more about how to complain and get results:How To Complain (