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Checkers and Pick ‘n Pay

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This channel makes use of the Blu Label Telecoms national retail footprint and associated channels such as Nedbank and ABSA ATM’s. These points can be recognised with the Blu APPROVED logo.

UniPIN Online is a direct connection from the retail point of sale terminal to Blu Label Telecoms systems which are integrated to our system.

When you make a purchase using this method the retail terminal communicates with the Blu system which in turn communicates with our system. We generate the requested Credit Token and return it to the Blu system which returns the Credit Token to the retail terminal.

To learn more about each channel fee and find the one most convenient and affordable for you contact our support team or write to our support email.

Steps to follow when using the retail channel with UniPIN Online:

At the point of sale ask for “Blue Label Electricity”

  1. Provide the teller with your meter number
  2. Provide the teller with the amount
  3. Settle the payment
  4. The teller will provide you with a receipt on which is your credit token number