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Introduction to Vending in Sub-Meter Market
All meter models in our range comprise of both the metering and vending components required in order to provide a complete solution. The vending solution is managed via means of a prepaid utility management system. The system requires that all meters in the field are registered with the utility management system. During registration a meter is defined with a set of properties, including details of the owner, the current tenant and financial parameters for revenue management.
To a get full description of the PrePaid Vending and Management system, please contact us and we will send you the meters vending functionality document. Credit tokens can be obtained using SMS, WEB, IVR or WAP, depending on the management method chosen by the landlord. New credit can be added to a prepaid meter either by the landlord or Prepaid There are two main management methods Self-Managed and Outsourced-Managed.
Please see our articles page for further information regarding vending.