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With Our Meters you can:
  • Include a portion of electricity automatically onto the meter part of staff payment or,
  • Get staff to purchase electricity on buy-as-you-use basis and,
  • Full meter management solutions for both collections and vending of tokens
Installation of our prepaid meters and Prepaid Metering system is an ideal solution for private and public organizations who provide employees with the benefit of accommodation.
Many organizations provide employees with on grounds accommodation as an employee benefit. Such facilities vary in nature and may range from a few dozen to a few hundred rooms in a building structure. There are also situations where staff accommodation takes the shape of free standing houses within a village type environment.
The typical employee accommodation arrangement varies between employers but is seldom inclusive of utilities which are normally required to be paid for by the employee. However, since such arrangements are normally built on property owned by the employer, the problem of metering and billing often presents itself as a challenge in the management of the facility.
The challenges faced are not far removed from those presented in Multiple Tenant Dwelling Units and Sectional Title Housing Schemes. The benefits of using our Prepaid Meters in a Staff Accommodation environment are the same as those derived in these situations where utilities revenue collection management is improved and costs association with metering reading services and overall billing and administration are either completely eliminated or dramatically reduced.
Furthermore, our prepaid meters and prepaid metering system accommodates the ability to automatically allocate a pre-specified maximum about of utilities to each employee meter on a specified date. This enables employers to automatically provide an agreed amount of electricity as part of each employees remuneration package. Once this amount is consumed the employee is then required to purchase additional credit in order to continue supply.
Once installed our prepaid meters and prepaid metering system provides a flexible and accurate system with which to gain financial control over utilities, improving cashflow and reducing expenses by curbing excess or abusive usage of the utility.
For single phase staff accommodation without DB Boards, such as rooms the common meter is PPL23EU to suit these circumstances.
For single phase staff accommodation that has DB Board installed the common prepaid meters is: PPL23GT.