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Sporting facilities such as squash courts and tennis courts require lighting and are hired to players by the hour. Electricity sub-metering enables to pay for play time easily.
Using our prepaid meters and prepaid metering solutions it is possible for sporting facilities with time-bases facilities to charge for time or cost of facility as apposed to utilities consumption.
Customers wishing to use a particular facility can simply purchase a credit token equal to the hour or daily tarriff rate charged for the facility. Once purchased the customer simply enters the facility and inputs the purchased token number into the prepaid meter. The prepaid meter then starts supply of utility to the facility for the period purchased. Once depleted the utility supply is automatically discontinued until the next valid token is entered.
Use of our prepaid meters and metering system in such environments improves facility scheduling, financial control and automates the rental of such facilities, freeing up time for staff to take care of other tasks or enabling the sports facility to operate on minimal staff during on and off-peak period.