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Many freehold residential properties, once single family homes, have been converted into Multiple Tenant Dwellings. Where once a single family unit resided on the property, now the property is utilized as residence by three, sometimes four or more indpendent residents. These types of properties are often the result of significant alterations in order to accommodate the separation of the dwelling areas in terms of privacy and utilities.
Such situations do however create a problem when it comes to charging for consumption of utilities as freehold properties are generally only fitted with one primary meter. This means there is only one account for the utility consumed on the property and it is therefore difficult to determine who used what percentage of the utility consumed. As discussed in Prepaid Metering for Granny Flats , one method of trying to solve this problem is by "participation quota" which is never accurate. Tenants will often dispute their electricity bills in such situations, claiming inaccurate apportionment.
Our prepaid meters and prepaid metering solutions are an ideal solution for Multiple Tenant Dwellings where provision has been made for complete separation of utilities. Each dwelling having its' own geyser, lights and plugs circuits managed from its' own mains distribution board.
Since our prepaid meters are installed as a secondary, or sub-meter, to the primary meter supplied by the municipality or power authority, it means that multiple prepaid meters can be installed on a property. Each meter is fitted at the mains distribution board of each dwelling.
The result is that each tenant on the property can be accurately billed for utilities consumed, eliminating the need for apportionment of the collective utility bill by means of the "participation quota" method and the subsequent disputes that arise therefrom.
The most common prepaid meter purchased for granny flats and out-dwellings that have BD Boards is the PPL23GT.