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Important: For issues after the upgrade, please email manager AT and include a detailed description of your issue as well as screen shots of any errors you may encounter.

Aurora System updates 01/03/2014


Notification Updates

Landlords and/or tenants, who have smart meters installed, will be able to set who gets notified via email once their minimum threshold is reached.
Landlords and/or tenants who have smart meters installed will be able to set who gets notified via SMS once only 10% of their minimum threshold is reached and what times these SMS should be delivered. 

Payment Updates

We will be processing payments made to ST Georges Bank, for Australian meters.
Full vending via API is available for customers who want to use Aurora for vending, but manage their own accounts & receipt.
PayPal services have been added.
A default payment method is automatically set if payment option is not chosen.
The default 0 value in the "Vend" and "Fund Wallet" fields has been removed.
Added a default payment method when none was selected

User Interface Updates 

Users are now able to search using a combination of information, e.g. search by name and email address.
When Aurora is being updated a "Maintenance mode" message will appear. Please do not complete any transactions during maintenance mode.
The system will be available as soon as the required maintenance is complete.



Aurora System updates 01/02/2014

When an SMS is sent out Prepaid Meters web address is included in the message for convenience.

At Prepaid Meters we strive for convenience, transparency and quality of service. All SMS sent by our system will be accompanied by the web address as to verify that the message is indeed sent by Prepaid Meters. The web address is of the utility vending system Aurora located at . This at the same time this allows for customers and meter users to login to the system or to contact us should they need to query any communications sent to them regarding their transactions, accounts and meters.

Information and tab access on meters and tenants

When a landlord logs in and wants to work on a meter it will not show all the tenant’s information if the details are incomplete. The tenant’s details will first need to be completed correctly before all the tabs will be available. This is for security reasons as well as having the ability to produce correct billing information, should it be requested at a later date.

Vending with decimal points is allowed

Prior to this update vending was restricted to whole numbers. For example you are now able to vend for R230, 50c.

Transfer Wallet Funds Facility

The transfer wallet funds facility for landlords and delegates has been removed due to user errors leading to confusion. The support Centre will handle transfers. Resellers will still have access to the Facility.  For queries or help with this function, please contact the Customer Support Centre.

The Delegate Function

Aurora has a function called Delegates. This Function is available to property owners who have multiple properties and multiple managing agents or property managers. The owner or landlord creates accounts within the system giving each agent or manager rights to manage individual or multiple properties. The actions, permissions and access for each assigned delegate are customizable. When an agent/ manager process actions it will be as if the owner has approved the actions.

An example would be if a Landlord has 10 properties and each property has 10 tenants per building. This would be far too much for one person to manage on a daily basis. He does however have 2 managing agents/managers. He is able to allocate access to the first 5 properties to Agent A to manage and he allocates the remaining 5 properties to Agent B. Each Agent will only be able to access their assigned properties, while the Landlord will still have access to all 10 properties and be able to manage any query if need be.


Aurora System updates 10/01/2014

Change of Support Comments

The Support Tab name in the top right corner is being changed to “Comments”

Disabling and enabling of meters in Aurora

The landlord will be able to disable and enable meters on the system. Should a landlord wish to Disable no Fee the meter, the system will first check for any outstanding charges. If none the meter will be disabled, if owing a link to VCS will be created where oncce the 
amount has been paid, the meter will be disabled.

With enabling a meter from DNF the system will check for any outstanding fees and if yes then will request payment via VCS before 

KCT tab in Aurora

The Landlord will be able to request KCT tokens for meters already on our system by clicking on the KCT button within Aurora. The system will also create the case in CRM for completion.

SMS Sending to Delegates

When a Landlord generates a tokens he will be able to sms the token number to himself, the tenant or to the delegate